Visitcom is worldwide visit communications that help families around the world stay connected.

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Mission Statement 

VISITCOM's Mission is to help keep children in communication with ALL types of family members. 

When families separate due to divorce or other family situations often times the children are still longing for the relationships with grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins and other extended family members. 

 How it works 

VISITCOM accepts both court ordered Supervised and non court ordered Supervised Visitation cases. Custodial parents who simply do not want verbal contact with the Non - Custodial parent or extended family member requesting the visit can still allow "Supervised Visits" in three ways:

1. Telephone Monitoring (3-way Calling) 

2. Web Conference Call Monitoring

3. Package Forwarding

4. Contact Supervised Visitation 

How to Request a Visit

1. Call us! ANY Family Member can request an application for an "Intake Interview" as long as BOTH the Custodial Parent and the Family Member agree on the visit taking place. 

2. After your application is received, the application is assigned to a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor to complete an "INTAKE" Interview. 

There is $50 CHARGE  per Parent to begin the intake process (Intake charges are one time only). 

Reporting fees may apply


1. Telephone Monitoring(3 way calling) - $.99/min billed in 15 min increments.


2. Web Conferencing - (both parties must have access to telephone and computer with internet and webcam) - $1.99/min billed in 15 min increments.

3. Package Forwarding - (sending the child gifts) - $20/per package plus shipping fees if applicable. 

ALL Packages must be purchased from a "DOT COM" company like or ect. AND an Package Acceptance Request Form must be filled out prior to VISITCOM receiving ANY Package.

4. Contact Supervised Visitation

$60/HR For Public Location visits (Parks, Restaurant ect..)

$90/HR for Home Visits

$30 Each for Monitored Exchanges 

Rates Double for Major Holidays**

Intake/Application fees and Reports fees not included in rates**

Plus Mileage

To request a "Supervised Visit" 

Fill out and submit the request form below:

Contact Us

About Us

At VISTITCOM, we understand how hard it is to keep children & family communication lines open after Divorce/Separations and other family situations.

VISITCOM offers a neutral third party meeting place for Custodial / Non - Custodial Parents and children as well as their extended families.

With the goal of providing a safe, calm, non-challenging environment for all involved, we remained focused on our primary responsibility which is to observe and document interactions between child and parent, family member or extended family member in an unbiased, objective and neutral manner; making every reasonable effort to ensure the well being of the child.

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·         LOW COST Intake Interviews (Parents/Family Members)

·         Telephone Monitoring (3-way Calling)

·          Court Ordered & Non Court Ordered Physical Contact Supervised Visitation

·        Web  Conference Call Monitoring

·        Package Forwarding

·          Reports (Observation. Summary and Detailed)

·     Training Programs for individuals seeking to become a Supervised Visitation Monitor

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