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What Is A Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor?

- A trained, neutral third-person paid to supervise the contact between a visiting parent and their child(ren). Visitation Monitors ensure the safety and security of the child-parent interactions while documenting what is seen and heard during the visit.

What types of cases do monitors take?

- Monitors take cases such as Suspected Domestic Violence, Suspected Child Abuse, Suspected Mental Illness, Suspected Drug Use, Temporary / Court Ordered Restraining Order, Divorce, Foster children, Child Protective Services Cases and many other individual cases. 

Where do the Supervised Visits take place?

- Most supervised visitations happen at offsite locations like the park, the mall, a restaurant, sports games, festivals, the movies, the museum and many other locations. All locations must be in an populated public place and all parties must agree. 

Some Supervised visitations may take place in a more private setting like overnight or home visits but security measures like having a second monitor present may be in place. 

How are monitors assigned cases?

- There are many ways monitors obtain cases including from family law attorneys, family law court, Foster parents, Child Protective Services and also by being contacted directly from the parents or family member requesting visits.

- Monitors may choose to first take cases through our program for extended support or work as an independent monitor. 

How do monitors get paid?

- Monitors are paid directly by the parties (Parents, attorneys on behalf of their client, grandparents, or anyone else willing to pay for the clients services) who are ordered Supervised Visitation by the court. Some courts have referral lists that you can be listed on but some of our trainees market directly to Family law attorneys for cases. 

-For more information on what monitors charge for services, please go to the home page of this website. 

What Experience do you need to become a monitor? What are the Qualifications required in my State? 

- Professional Supervised Visitation Monitors  primarily have a background in working with children. It may be by being a foster parent, victim/children advocate, cps worker or volunteer, and many other careers and backgrounds. 

- California (Our office home state) and Florida are the only states so far to set standards for those seeking to work as a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor.  All other states work directly with the local courts to follow procedures set forth by each county. 


1. Be at least 21 years old.

2. Have a Livescan/Background check done or be registred with Trustline.

3. Have no record of a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) within last five years.

4. Not have been on probation or parole for the last 10 years.

5. Have no record of a conviction for child molestation, child abuse, or other crimes against a person.

6. Have proof of automobile insurance if transporting the child.

7. Have no civil, criminal, or juvenile restraining orders within the last 10 years.

8. Have no current or past court order in which the provider is the person being supervised.

9. Be able to speak the language of the party being supervised and of the child, or provider must      provide a neutral interpreter over 18 years of age who is able to do so.

10. Agree to adhere to and enforce the court order regarding supervised visitation.

11. 24 hours of Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor Training

How can I obtain the 24 hours of training needed to begin working as a Professional Monitor? 

- VISITCOM offers an Online Interactive Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor Training class that is compliant with the 24 hours of training standard. This training is broken up into 5 - 5 Hour training sessions in our Online Interactive Classroom with a live instructor. 

How soon can I begin to work as a monitor after I complete my training? 

- Visitcom monitors usually start working within 30  days of completing the training. This may vary depending on how fast the monitor can get background checked and/or any other requirements by county. 

I'm ready to become a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor, How do I sign up to start classes?

- If you are ready to sign up for classes, simply check the below schedule of classes and payment options. Submit your information below and a trainer will call you to help you sign up and answer any questions you may have. 

-You may also choose to click the button below labeled "CLICK TO ENROLL NOW" and make your payment immediately to sign up for the next training class. All new classes start on Monday. Once your payment is received you will get a call from the instructor to complete your sign up. 



24 hours of Supervised Visitation Monitor Training 

Certification of Completion 

Child Visitation Monitor Training Forms

Professional Insurance Coverage for ALL VISITCOM Monitors

ALL Case Referrals go directly to our Monitors

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Online Interactive Training / VISITCOM Contractor


VISITCOM offers weekly Online Interactive Training classes that start every Monday and end with the last class being on Friday. 

Our classes are taken online in front of your own computer and there are up to 10 trainees per class with one instructor. 

Our training is interactive in real time so you will be able to interact directly with the instructor and other students during class times. 

Choose between 2 class times and payment options below. 

Online Class & Payment options:

Morning Class - 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Week 1 & Week 3)

Evening Class - 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Week 2 & Week 4)

 - $595  Paid in Full - 5 Consecutive training days 


- $150 Per 5 hour Class - 1 class per week

Our training is in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Practice 5.20, and Assembly Bill 1674. 

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Online Class Schedule 

Monday The role of a professional provider
Monday Legal responsibilities and obligations of a provider
Monday Child Abuse Reporting Laws
Tuesday  Conflicts of interest & Confidentiality
Tuesday Developmental needs of children
Tuesday Cultural sensitivity
Wednesday Issues relating to substance abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse,and domestic violence
Thursday Basic knowledge of family and juvenile law
Thursday Screening, monitoring, and termination of visitation
Thursday Record keeping procedures
Friday Practice Cases
Friday Final Test / Certificates of Completion issued


Certificate of Completion issued after last class complete

***Submit your information below and a trainer will call you to help you sign up  


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